[{"full_name":"Jim Belcher","gyear":"1986","major":"Microbiology","city":"Tianjin","state":"","country":"China","note":"With over 20 years of experience in public, private and international schools in both the U.S. and China, Mr. Belcher serves as the Head Principal of a PK3-12 school in Tianjin, China.","lat":"39.084158","lng":"117.200983"},{"full_name":"Nick Hwang","gyear":"2006","major":"Mechanical Engineering","city":"Paris","state":"","country":"France","note":"I've worked in Oil & Gas since graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, first in California and then in France. After several years in Engineering and Project Management, I decided that I wanted to branch out from the technical side to the Business side. I did an MBA (at HEC Paris, in France) and subsequently became a Consultant at L.E.K. Consulting. I now advice clients in Strategy.","lat":"48.8676975","lng":"2.3326659"},{"full_name":"Jose Luis Beltran","gyear":"2008","major":"Computer Information Systems","city":"Hanover","state":"","country":"Germany","note":"Currently pursuing an MBA at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, a renowned private university in D\u00fcsseldorf, Germany.\r|\r|I have held positions in the software, automotive, and imaging industries in addition to have lead multiple projects throughout the European Union.","lat":"52.3758916","lng":"9.7320104"},{"full_name":"Stuart Goss","gyear":"1992","major":"Operation Management","city":"Jerusalem","state":"","country":"Israel","note":"I am currently directing Safety and Health for a number of new privately built and operated power plants which are being built in Israel.","lat":"31.768319","lng":"35.21371"},{"full_name":"Clarice Henry","gyear":"2013","major":"Food Science and Technology","city":"Ondangwa","state":"","country":"Namibia","note":"Secondary Educator with Peace Corps in northern Namibia. I swore in October 2016 and teach science and math to grades 8-10.","lat":"-17.9153215","lng":"15.9881832"},{"full_name":"Landauro Rodrigo","gyear":"2012","major":"International Business","city":"Lima","state":"","country":"Peru","note":"Today I reside in my home base in Lima Peru and I fly as a first officer for the biggest airline in the Americas. LATAM Airlines","lat":"-11.9901397","lng":"-77.1040941"},{"full_name":"Mary Keung","gyear":"2006","major":"Computer Information Systems","city":"London","state":"","country":"United Kingdom","note":"Information Security Consultant with London Metal Exchange.","lat":"51.4734236","lng":"-0.0213105"},{"full_name":"Peter Hadinger","gyear":"1981","major":"Electrical & Electronics Engr","city":"London","state":"","country":"United Kingdom","note":"Space is hard - but AWESOME!","lat":"51.4734236","lng":"-0.0213105"},{"full_name":"Raymond Russo","gyear":"1989","major":"Marketing Management","city":"Chandler","state":"Arizona","country":"USA","note":"I had a wonderful experience at Cal Poly Pomona and have utilized my degree to it's fullest. I work for a global chemical company and manage the southwest. I've been with the same company for 23 years and also interviewed on campus accepting my first job at Cal Poly Pomona.","lat":"33.3061605","lng":"-111.8412502"},{"full_name":"Linneth Lopez","gyear":"2010","major":"Civil Engineering","city":"Phoenix","state":"Arizona","country":"USA","note":"Employed by ADEQ's Pollution Prevention program, assisting facilities reduce their use of toxic substances and hazardous waste generation along with encouraging goals in energy and water conservation, conservation of raw materials and diversion of solid waste material from the landfill.","lat":"33.44","lng":"-112.0740373"},{"full_name":"Dennis Scoville","gyear":"1990","major":"Computer Information Systems","city":"Tempe","state":"Arizona","country":"USA","note":"Internal technical and functional consultant and BI Evangelist at Honeywell Aerospace and has presented at various SAP live and webinar events, globally, on self-service BI architecture and delivery process.","lat":"33.4255104","lng":"-111.9400054"},{"full_name":"Kenneth Irons","gyear":"1974","major":"Park Administration","city":"Tucson","state":"Arizona","country":"USA","note":"After graduation, I worked as Landscape Estimator for Valley Crest Landscape; Park Designer for the City of Fontana, Ca.; Supervisor of Parks for the City of Hobbs, NM.; Landscape Supervisor for the University of NM, Albuquerque, NM; Landscape Supervisor for Grounds for Pomona College in Claremont, Ca.; and in 1983 became Supervisor Building and Grounds for the Los Angeles\/Oakland Raiders Pro Football Team. My primary responsibility was the maintenance of the Training Camp facilities in El Segundo and Oxnard, Ca. In 1996 the Raiders returned to Oakland where I had the responsibility for the training camp in Alameda and the summer camp in Napa, Ca. I participated in Super Bowl XVIII in Tampa Bay, Fl. and made three overseas trips with the team for the American Bowl Games in London, England, Barcelona, Spain and Tokyo, Japan. My wife Joanne and I retired in 2000 and reside in Tucson, Az.","lat":"32.2217429","lng":"-110.926479"},{"full_name":"Kevin Clausen-Quiroz","gyear":"2007","major":"Urban and Regional Planning","city":"Anaheim","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After graduation, Kevin started an internship with the City of Anaheim Planning Department. Over the course of 9 years, he developed an expertise in land-use analysis , urban design and process improvement. In line with the standard of innovation and excellence at Cal Poly Pomona, Kevin used his design skills from the URP program and planning expertise to develop an instructional video series explaining common planning concepts to Anaheim residents. The video series, called Visualizing the Code, won the California 2015 American Planning Award of Excellence for a Communications Initiative. Kevin has begun consulting with other cities throughout the state to develop a similar project in the name of improved transparency and customer service in local government. Kevin recently received his certification by the American Institute of Certified Planners. He looks forward to continuing to serve his community and engage with people to progress a collective vision for the future.","lat":"33.8352932","lng":"-117.9145036"},{"full_name":"Pamela Mansfield","gyear":"2013","major":"IBM","city":"Anaheim","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"New Add","lat":"33.8352932","lng":"-117.9145036"},{"full_name":"Joseph Madoo","gyear":"2012","major":"Computer Information Systems","city":"Anaheim","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Working as a mechanic is not directly related to my major but helps in many ways and will help in my future as I venture into management.","lat":"33.8352932","lng":"-117.9145036"},{"full_name":"Pablo Cortez","gyear":"2007","major":"Landscape Architecture","city":"ANAHEIM","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Started my own landscape architecture firm in 2019.","lat":"33.8352932","lng":"-117.9145036"},{"full_name":"Danae Powers","gyear":"2012","major":"M.S. Psychology","city":"Arcadia","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Danae opened her private practice (Danae Powers, M.S. LMFT) in January 2013, specializing in working with couples. Having begun her clinical career as an MFT Trainee in 2009 at Santa Anita Family Service - a non-profit community mental health agency in Monrovia, CA which serves the San Gabriel Valley - Danae is now their Director of Clinical Services and Training.","lat":"34.1397292","lng":"-118.0353449"},{"full_name":"Danae Powers","gyear":"2008","major":"Behavorial Science","city":"Arcadia","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Danae opened her private practice (Danae Powers, M.S. LMFT) in January 2013, specializing in working with couples. Having begun her clinical career as an MFT Trainee in 2009 at Santa Anita Family Service - a non-profit community mental health agency in Monrovia, CA which serves the San Gabriel Valley - Danae is now their Director of Clinical Services and Training.","lat":"34.1397292","lng":"-118.0353449"},{"full_name":"Aziza Alhasan","gyear":"2007","major":"MBA","city":"Belmont","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Director-SOX Program for VISA","lat":"37.5202145","lng":"-122.2758008"},{"full_name":"Daniel Cua","gyear":"1993","major":"Biological Science","city":"Boulder Creek","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Group leader in Pathways of Inflammation at Merck Research Laboratories in Palo Alto. Also a previous Research Fellow at Schering Plough Biopharma. His work focuses on the discovery of novel biologic agents for the treatment of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.","lat":"37.1260578","lng":"-122.1221869"},{"full_name":"Barbara Jean Bruin","gyear":"1985","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Buena Park","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Has been a Lecturer at The Collins College of Hospitality Management since 1992 and currently teaches HRT 383 Food & Beverage Practicum in The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch.","lat":"33.8675143","lng":"-117.9981181"},{"full_name":"Edson Gin","gyear":"1993","major":"Computer Information Systems","city":"Burbank","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Certifications: CISA, CISM, CIPP\/US, CFE, SSCP, PCIP","lat":"34.1808392","lng":"-118.3089661"},{"full_name":"Robert Einstein","gyear":"1996","major":"Finance, Real Estate, Law","city":"Burbank","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I graduated in 1996, with a degree in Finance, Real Estate, and Law.\u00a0 My concentration in FRL was Corporate Finance.\u00a0 Throughout my time at Cal Poly and after graduation, I entered the Credit Union industry in Accounting, including working with my grandmother in 1996, who had been in Credit Unions for two decades.\u00a0 In 2000, I was hired by Burbank Federal Credit Union to be their Chief Financial Officer, which is what Cal Poly Pomona prepared me to do, Corporate Finance.\u00a0 In 2010, I was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the Credit Union, which is now called UMe Credit Union.\u00a0 The UMe name is derived from the combination of You + Me, the relationship between the Credit Union and our members are what matters most.\u00a0 Since Cal Poly Pomona, I now hold an MBA, in Leadership and Management, and I lead a team of 40 employees who\u2019s goal is exceptional member service.","lat":"34.1808392","lng":"-118.3089661"},{"full_name":"Elena Einstein","gyear":"2004","major":"E-Business","city":"Burbank","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Elena is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in eBusiness and a minor in Contract Law.\u00a0 She is known by Dr. Wyatt in the contract program at Cal Poly Pomona and she has participated in Professor for a Day in the last year and is also using her contract degree in her successful Aerospace career.\u00a0 She also holds a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership.","lat":"34.1808392","lng":"-118.3089661"},{"full_name":"Shirin Erkanat","gyear":"2011","major":"Management and Human Resources","city":"Campbell","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, I ventured to Orange County where I gained entry level HR experience. The time came for me to make a more permanent decision regarding my living situation and I decided to move back to Silicon Valley. I'm enjoying my time in the SF Bay Area and I'm currently the HR Site Manager for Technicolor's Research and Innovation Lab in Los Altos!","lat":"37.2871651","lng":"-121.9499568"},{"full_name":"James Mitchell","gyear":"1967","major":"Social Science","city":"Carlsbad","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"My first 2 years+ I attended Cal Poly-SLO. In January 1966 I transferred to Pomona campus.I'd been in Army ROTC @ CP=SLO but Pomona didn't have any ROTC program. So, I asked Claremont Mens College if I could attend their Army ROTC program while attending CP. The colleges worked out the details as far as course credits. I became the first CP student to attend Claremont's Army ROTC program. I graduated in June, 1967 and received my Army commission from Claremont Mens College. Within weeks of graduation I was on active duty for the next 2 years.The experience at age 21 as a newly minted 2nd Lieutenant was amazing and am thankful that I served my country during such a tumultuous time. Thanks, Jamie Mitchell, Class of '67, Social Sciences\r|","lat":"33.1580933","lng":"-117.3505939"},{"full_name":"Valerie Viramontes","gyear":"2010","major":"Finance, Real Estate, Law","city":"Carlsbad","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"The education foundation at Cal Poly Pomona has giving me the tools to operate as a entrepreneur the last 7 years. My degree in finance and contract management has allowed me to work in media doing brand deals for the health and fitness space. I've created a six figure business with a freedom lifestyle today.","lat":"33.1580933","lng":"-117.3505939"},{"full_name":"Joel Jimenez","gyear":"2008","major":"Mechanical Engineer","city":"castaic","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After graduation I joined LADWP and currently work with renewable energy and power system grid integration. I recently got my PE and am thinking of going back to grad school for Engineering Management.","lat":"34.4890363","lng":"-118.6256552"},{"full_name":"Lloyd Carder","gyear":"1981","major":"Microbiology","city":"Castaic","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am an adjunct instructor for Metallurgy and Non-Destructive Testing at College of the Canyons.","lat":"34.4890363","lng":"-118.6256552"},{"full_name":"Mohamed Moolji","gyear":"1971","major":"Electrical Engineering","city":"Chatsworth","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After working for various companies I ended up working for Boeing for 20 years on the Space Station and Shuttle programs. I am now 71 years old and still working for Thales Avionics as a Sr. Component Engineer.","lat":"34.2506356","lng":"-118.61481"},{"full_name":"Yanet Garcia","gyear":"2005","major":"Communications","city":"Chino","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently working at Cypress College as the STEM Program Director serving underrepresented and first-generation students majoring in the fields of science, technology, engineering and technology. \r|\r|I earned my master's in Guidance Counseling from CSU San Bernardino and have also taught at Cal Poly Pomona.","lat":"34.0122346","lng":"-117.688944"},{"full_name":"Jan Chamberlain","gyear":"1994","major":"Computer Information Systems","city":"Chino","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Vice President of Technology with Entertainment Cruises Inc.","lat":"34.0122346","lng":"-117.688944"},{"full_name":"Kimberly Mosley","gyear":"1990","major":"Electrical Engineering","city":"CHINO","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am an electrical engineer turned educator, instructing students at the community college level and private industry.","lat":"34.0122346","lng":"-117.688944"},{"full_name":"Jesse Perez","gyear":"2014","major":"Biotechnology","city":"Chino Hills","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am currently a 3rd year pharmacy student at Keck Graduate Institute part of the Claremont Colleges. I will be receiving my PharmD degree in 2018","lat":"33.9898188","lng":"-117.7325848"},{"full_name":"Joelyn Caprine","gyear":"2014","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"Chino Hills","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Front desk supervisor at a dual Fairfield and Residence Inn property in Santa Clarita.","lat":"33.9898188","lng":"-117.7325848"},{"full_name":"Nicholas Felter","gyear":"2005","major":"Public Relations","city":"Claremont","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"President of Match Play Insurance & Financial Services, married to Jennifer (Hillmer) Felter, CPP '02, father of Elliana. Member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity","lat":"34.0966764","lng":"-117.7197785"},{"full_name":"Christopher Andrade","gyear":"1987","major":"History","city":"Claremont","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Recipient of the National Distinguished Principal and Evangelical Lutheran Education Association's Principal of the Year for 2016.","lat":"34.0966764","lng":"-117.7197785"},{"full_name":"Matthew Sanford","gyear":"2007","major":"Finance, Real Estate & Law","city":"Corona","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"CPP was a great place and has helped me immensely with my job!","lat":"33.8752935","lng":"-117.5664384"},{"full_name":"Gabrielle Bartolon","gyear":"2014","major":"Biology","city":"Corona","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"In summer 2016, Gabrielle Bartolon '14 studied the ecology of steppe ecosystems, with a focus on the Pallas' cat, Przewalski's horse and participatory conservation media in Mongolia.","lat":"33.8752935","lng":"-117.5664384"},{"full_name":"Ricson Chude","gyear":"2012","major":"Engineering Management","city":"Corona","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Alumnus inaugurated as the President of the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) - Southern California Chapter.","lat":"33.8752935","lng":"-117.5664384"},{"full_name":"Brian Clarke","gyear":"2003","major":"Communications","city":"Costa Mesa","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I first learned my leadership skills as a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and IFC president at Cal Poly Pomona. After graduation I worked for my fraternity headquarters mentoring student leaders and then earned a Masters in College Student Affairs from Eastern Illinois University. As Director, Greek Life at UC Irvine I use the skills I learned in Communications class everyday. Learning how to write a news story helped me become a strong technical writer in graduate school.","lat":"33.6411316","lng":"-117.9186689"},{"full_name":"Teresa Becker","gyear":"2007","major":"Apparel Production","city":"Covina","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Founder of Heart of Haute, an apparel business that sells to more than 400 boutiques and online business in the United States, Europe, and Australia.","lat":"34.0900091","lng":"-117.8903397"},{"full_name":"Pamela Adams","gyear":"2001","major":"CIS","city":"Covina","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I was one of those freshmen who didn't last. I starting in Fall 1979 and was gone before Spring 1980. I returned in 1996, with the plan to get a degree in Business and go into the IT industry. Along the way, I started helping other students and changed my career goals. I started working for the CBA as an academic advisor before I ever graduated. 20 years later, I am still working for CBA, helping students succeed at attending and graduating from CPP.","lat":"34.0900091","lng":"-117.8903397"},{"full_name":"Sarthi Patel","gyear":"2016","major":"FRL","city":"Diamond Bar","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am currently working for Goodwin Law in Downtown Los Angeles.","lat":"34.0286226","lng":"-117.8103367"},{"full_name":"Daniel Martinez","gyear":"1992","major":"Biology","city":"Downey","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Graduated from the USC School of Dentistry in 1995.","lat":"33.9401088","lng":"-118.1331593"},{"full_name":"Jenna Stacy","gyear":"2013","major":"Zoology","city":"El Cajon","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"In summer 2016, Jenna Stacy '13 studied ongoing research projects such as radio tracking, cheetah conservation and ecosystem management as well as the design of school and community programs in Namibia. Jenna, an animal caregiver at Helen Woodward Animal Center lives in El Cajon, Calif., and took the graduate course in pursuit of her master's degree from Miami University's Advanced Inquiry Program.\u00a0|","lat":"32.7947731","lng":"-116.9625269"},{"full_name":"Scott Sullivan","gyear":"2003","major":"Electrical Engineering","city":"El Segundo","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Developing end-to-end space and ground network architectures for commercial and government customers.","lat":"33.9191799","lng":"-118.4164652"},{"full_name":"Elisabeth Lockerby","gyear":"2012","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"El Segundo","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"For three years following graduation, I worked for a company in Orange County that organized conferences around the world for those involved in the hotel investment industry. I have recently relocated to LA's South Bay and now organize conferences for a real estate\/alternative investment company headquartered in El Segundo.","lat":"33.9191799","lng":"-118.4164652"},{"full_name":"Steve Samuelian","gyear":"1991","major":"Political Science","city":"el segundo","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am the Founder and CEO of California Consulting, Inc. which is now the state's largest grant writing company. I am also a former California State Assemblyman.","lat":"33.9191799","lng":"-118.4164652"},{"full_name":"Xavier Quintana","gyear":"2020","major":"Aerospace Engineering","city":"El Segundo","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"With COVID-19 it made job hunting hard for engineers. I found a position with Boeing in system engineering through project scheduling. I work with CAMs and PMs to help the project run smoothly and on schedule. I hope to bring my Bronco pride with me everyday I work.","lat":"33.9191799","lng":"-118.4164652"},{"full_name":"David Melilli","gyear":"1979","major":"Park Administration","city":"Elk Grove","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am now Director of Public Works for the City of Rio Vista in the Delta area of No. Cal. since 2011. I plan to retire in Dec. 2019.","lat":"38.4087993","lng":"-121.3716178"},{"full_name":"Juan Medina","gyear":"1998","major":"Liberal Studies","city":"Fontana","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Received a Masters in Education: With a multiple-subject credential and supplemental Social Science from Claremont Graduate University 2000.I started teaching at the elementary level January 1999 and continue teaching at the same school. I've also had the honor of teaching at Claremont Graduate University, Univ. of La Verne, Univ. of Riverside and very proud to have been teaching at Cal Poly Pomona (part-time) for the last 14 years for the EWS Department. It is an amazing accomplishment to go back and teach a subject I love at the same university I started my higher education.|","lat":"34.0922335","lng":"-117.435048"},{"full_name":"Amairany Rivera","gyear":"2014","major":"Marketing","city":"Fontana","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am a success coach at Chaffey College and am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Educational Counseling from the University of La Verne.","lat":"34.0922335","lng":"-117.435048"},{"full_name":"Abida Merchant","gyear":"2012","major":"ME Educational Media","city":"Garden Grove","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am a part time Lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona, College of Engineering and a full time teacher at Warren High School in Downey. |","lat":"33.7739053","lng":"-117.9414477"},{"full_name":"Hiep Do","gyear":"2016","major":"Electrical Engineering","city":"Garden Grove","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I landed a role as a Product Owner with T-Mobile headquarters earlier this year but was postponed due to COVID-19. I am finally transitioned to a work from home model and I owe a lot to CPP for teaching me the mindset and discipline during my time spent.","lat":"33.7739053","lng":"-117.9414477"},{"full_name":"Jill Escoto","gyear":"1983","major":"Communications","city":"Glendora","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I have been employed with Davis Wire Corporation for 11 years now as their Corporate Credit Manager. And although I love my job, I have found a greater accomplishment by serving on the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Board of Directors. It continues to be an honor to give of my time (and money) to this university and support our students, faculty, and staff. My husband and I have two girls, both graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. So the legacy lives on...!","lat":"34.1361187","lng":"-117.865339"},{"full_name":"Caitlin Molinari","gyear":"2012","major":"Public Relations & Organizational Communication","city":"Glendora","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently a digital marketing & e-commerce freelancer.","lat":"34.1361187","lng":"-117.865339"},{"full_name":"Sacha Tani","gyear":"2011","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"Hacienda Heights","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Sales manager for event and group sales at Universal Studios Hollywood. She was previously with the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Bureau as its director of destination services.","lat":"33.9930677","lng":"-117.9686755"},{"full_name":"Amin Leiman","gyear":"1988","major":"MBA","city":"Hacienda Heights","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"CLO-Bendino PM Academy and keynote speaker at IIA-Los Angeles Conference","lat":"33.9930677","lng":"-117.9686755"},{"full_name":"Colleen Mason","gyear":"1975","major":"Microbiology","city":"Hesperia","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"My goal was to become a Veterinarian after high school. When I was at a dog show a vet told me she had become a medical technologist to pay her way through school. So I decided to take that path. When I transferred to Cal Poly I was able to get into a med tech program that partnered with City of Hope. Through this partnership I was able to get my med tech license. Life happened and I stayed a med tech for 42 years and I've loved it! I've gone on to get my MS in Lab Management and a Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB). I worked for 22 years at Blood Bank of San Bernardino\/Lifestream then went back into the hospital world. I am currently the Transfusion Service Service at San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland. It was through Cal Poly's association that I have have a full-filling career and I am grateful for that.","lat":"34.4263886","lng":"-117.3008784"},{"full_name":"Michael Koesling","gyear":"1985","major":"Eng Tech- Mfg","city":"Hollister","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Moved from Boeing eight years ago as Sr Program Manager to PSEMC as General Manager of precision explosives for Aerospace and Defense. Recently joined LAI as VP where this organization is known for laser and Waterjet machining of Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine components. Much of my undergrad work prepared me well for my wealth of experiences at Boeing and PSEMC and will serve me well at LAI.","lat":"36.8524545","lng":"-121.4016021"},{"full_name":"Dan Medina","gyear":"2006","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Honolulu, HI","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"While attending CPP, worked at the Disneyland Resort for several years. After graduation, moved to Japan to teach English and then returned to the hospitality industry as a Front Office leader at a Starwood property in Waikiki Beach. Realized I loved to teach AND work in hospitality, so now I am currently a Training Manager for an independent luxury brand hotel in Honolulu.","lat":"21.5029643","lng":"-158.0145372"},{"full_name":"Nichole Urban","gyear":"2011","major":"Nutrition Science","city":"Huntington Park","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Helping underserved patients in Los Angeles County with their nutrition and lifestyle changes as they start Dialysis","lat":"33.9816812","lng":"-118.2250725"},{"full_name":"Nichole Urban","gyear":"2011","major":"Dietetics","city":"Huntington Park","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Helping underserved patients in Los Angeles County with their nutrition and lifestyle changes as they start Dialysis","lat":"33.9816812","lng":"-118.2250725"},{"full_name":"Michael Battaglia","gyear":"1990","major":"FRL","city":"Irvine","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"VP Project Development for 4th largest homebuilder in the US. Also President of the Building Industry Association of Southern California. Vice Chairman of Governmental Affairs for the California Building Industry Association.","lat":"33.6839473","lng":"-117.7946942"},{"full_name":"Karissa Perez","gyear":"2013","major":"Liberal Studies","city":"Irvine","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, I pursued a Master of Science in College Counseling and Student Development at Azusa Pacific University. I am currently an Honors Academic Advisor at the University of California, Irvine.","lat":"33.6839473","lng":"-117.7946942"},{"full_name":"Randall Hoppe","gyear":"2010","major":"Communications","city":"Irvine","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently, I am the Advertising and Brand Marketing Manager at K1 Speed where I am responsible for the National Media buying for all 30+ locations in the United States; with added support to our international franchises spread across 8 countries. I manage the organizations yearly advertising budget that is in excess of $8.5M. With this budget I source, contract, and negotiate media buying and placements in TV, Radio, Billboards, Print Media, Digital Media, Social Media, and Google Adwords. Additionally, I am responsible for finding the newest and exciting advertising avenues in the ever changing landscape of sports and entertainment.","lat":"33.6839473","lng":"-117.7946942"},{"full_name":"George Matlock","gyear":"1977","major":"Engineering Technology","city":"Irvine","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am a designer of injection molded medical devices for cardiac care. Previously, I did steel structural design in diesel engine applications, R & D engineering in plastics, manager in manufacturing machinery design field, and R & D medical device engineer in several medical device start ups.","lat":"33.6839473","lng":"-117.7946942"},{"full_name":"Charles Brillantes","gyear":"2008","major":"Engineering Technology","city":"Irvine","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Working at my dream job wouldn't have been possible with out the knowledge and training I received from Cal Poly Pomona! The hands-on approach was the main attraction for me attending this school and it was very evident in the later engineering lab classes, where the skills I learned directly translated to my current job. I work on, create, test and validate module sub-systems and electrical test benches all the way up to full-size prototype electric vehicles and mules. I'm forever grateful for my oppoortunity to attend CPP and the passion it helped establish in me to excel in everything I do and the eternal drive for engineering excellence!","lat":"33.6839473","lng":"-117.7946942"},{"full_name":"Jon Black","gyear":"1983","major":"Architecture","city":"La Crescenta","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Rios Clementi Hale Studios has promoted Jon Black to principal. Black joined the Los Angeles firm in 1992 and has demonstrated a penchant for his hands-on involvement in projects, from concept to construction. He has taught a studio class at ENV and has been a visiting critic at Woodbury University.","lat":"34.228754","lng":"-118.2351192"},{"full_name":"Virginia Grebbien","gyear":"1986","major":"Civil Engineering","city":"La Habra","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently serving as President for Parsons Environment & Infrastructure","lat":"33.9319578","lng":"-117.9461734"},{"full_name":"Kathleen Coates Hedberg","gyear":"1992","major":"Civil Engineering","city":"La Mesa","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Loved Cal Poly!Love my life and family.Love working in the water\/environmental engineering industry.","lat":"32.7678287","lng":"-117.0230839"},{"full_name":"Giovanni Alfaro","gyear":"1992","major":"Political Science","city":"La Puente","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"My favorite field of study has been being a teacher. My career as an educator results on an impact on Latino students at Los Altos HS in Hacienda Heights. I feel I do make a difference in their lives.","lat":"34.0200114","lng":"-117.9495083"},{"full_name":"Jay Lei","gyear":"2011","major":"Computer Science","city":"La Puente","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Cal poly pomona helped me to pick the career I am in. I was introduced to Microsoft Mobile Camp Event at Cal Poly Pomona with MISSA. I am now a senior mobile developer creating innovation app helping merchants to do their daily business for payment processing.\r|","lat":"34.0200114","lng":"-117.9495083"},{"full_name":"Tesia Trisnadi","gyear":"2015","major":"GEMS","city":"La Verne","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Shortly after graduating from CPP, with a BA in G.E.M.S., I got a job with the city of Rancho Cucamonga as Recreation and Event Assistant. We focus on families and individuals and provide resources for them as well as family fun activities once a month. Some activities include, Back to School supplies, Winter Wonderland, and Thanksgiving Baskets. Through the city we are able to provide all of these events and activities for free to our residents! It's such an awesome feeling to incorporate everything I've learned from my mentors and my major into my current job! Also with my Mother's company (she's also a CPP Alumni), we are able to give back to CPP by having our entertainment company at Freshman Orientation as well as every Midnight Madness. You might just see us there at your next Midnight Madness twisting balloons, face painting, and our photo booth!","lat":"34.1008426","lng":"-117.7678355"},{"full_name":"Carmen Bowdle","gyear":"1986","major":"Accounting","city":"La Verne","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Proud supporter of Renaissance Scholars!","lat":"34.1008426","lng":"-117.7678355"},{"full_name":"Rory Hayes","gyear":"2017","major":"Management and Human Resources","city":"La Verne","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Human Resources professional always willing to offer to share my knowledge.","lat":"34.1008426","lng":"-117.7678355"},{"full_name":"Stan Andrade","gyear":"1981","major":"Architecture","city":"Laguna Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently President and Principal Architect of Andrade Architects, Inc. located in Laguna Beach, CA. Providing full service Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture and Project Management for residential and commercial developments nation wide and internationally.","lat":"33.5422475","lng":"-117.7831104"},{"full_name":"Cheryl Russell","gyear":"1972","major":"Marketing Management","city":"Laguna Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After graduating, Russell?s became an ABC-TV news director, corporate communications manager for Collins Foods, an elementary school teacher, a nonprofit development director, and a published author. She also created ?Imagination Now?, a non-profit organization which teaches children how to actualize their imagination and motivate them to create ideas.","lat":"33.5422475","lng":"-117.7831104"},{"full_name":"Neusha Tabrizi","gyear":"2012","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Laguna Niguel","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am a recent grad who left the ground running! I am following the event planning path by working at a growing restaurant in South Orange County.","lat":"33.5225261","lng":"-117.7075526"},{"full_name":"Carlos Avalle","gyear":"1981","major":"Electronics Engineering","city":"Livermore","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently engaged in Electromagnetic Effects research at major DOE Lab.","lat":"37.6818745","lng":"-121.7680088"},{"full_name":"David Salazar","gyear":"1990","major":"Urban & Regional Planning","city":"Long Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am making an impact by providing a quality teaching and learning environment for Cal State Long Beach students, faculty, and staff!","lat":"33.7700504","lng":"-118.1937395"},{"full_name":"Alicia Hipp Archer","gyear":"2006","major":"Zoology","city":"Long Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Studied sustainable approaches to human-wildlife coexistence at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in the south Rift Valley of Kenya.","lat":"33.7700504","lng":"-118.1937395"},{"full_name":"Tiffany Smith","gyear":"2012","major":"FRL","city":"Long Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I would not be where I am in my career without Cal Poly Pomona and the Contract Management program. I began my career at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority in 2011 as an Intern. Since then, I have been fortunate to be promoted 4 times. LACMTA continues to recruit from CPP and the CM Program because they believe this program produces the highest caliber of Contract Management professionals.","lat":"33.7700504","lng":"-118.1937395"},{"full_name":"Melissa Tompkins","gyear":"2005","major":"Animal Science","city":"Long Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I have worked in the animal field since 2003. After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona I took a full-time position at my animal hospital and became the practice manager. I became a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager in 2011 and in 2015 I became the Hospital Administrator of a specialty practice. In 2018, I went on to manage an emergency only hospital and later that year I opened my own business South Coast Veterinary Management Solutions and started working as a veterinary management consultant. I am HR certified for California and I'm also a certified compassion fatigue professional. I have devoted my life to veterinary medicine and helping team members and practice owners be successful in their jobs.","lat":"33.7700504","lng":"-118.1937395"},{"full_name":"Brandon Feighner","gyear":"2005","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Began my career with the PKF Consulting as an intern during my senior at the Collins College and have stayed with the firm for the entirety of my post-college career. After recently selling the firm, we are now part of the largest real estate services firm in the World.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Lera Zelenskaya","gyear":"2009","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Full Circle\r|\r|Born and raised in Russia, nurtured by Cal Poly Pomona, and advanced through three moves across the States, I find myself back in Los Angeles five years post graduation. Throughout these years I struggled over building and sustaining successful teams in resorts, restaurants, and business networking clubs. A successful hospitality organization starts and ends with a passionate group of people working towards their dream. I learned these lessons in the classrooms up on the hill at Collins and I am lucky to admit that I have implemented many of them in real life. Brand new City Club Los Angeles is a remarkable proof of that. Today I lead the City Club team of 70+ people in four departments to live up to our diverse group of Members' expectations of excellent service, amenities, and programs all to further their social and business development. And the fact that all of this is happening only 30 miles west of Cal Poly Pomona makes everything extra special.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Aileen Dinkjian","gyear":"2006","major":"Political Science","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"My Political Science degree opened opportunities for me to work in Washington, D.C. and serve as an analyst for the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institutes of Justice, and Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative Program Management Office. However, my extreme level of involvement on campus provided me with invaluable transferable skills that I have been able to apply at all types of workplaces. I'm forever grateful and indebted to this university.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Douglas Noble","gyear":"1982","major":"Architecture","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Director of the Ph.D. program in the USC School of Architecture, and still a very proud Cal Poly Pomona Alum. I was at Cal Poly just last week to give a talk about grad school to the architecture undergrads","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Ian Blackburn","gyear":"1991","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently owns and operates LearnAboutWine and wineLA.com a global business that combines his passion for wine education and event planning.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Allison Balthazor","gyear":"2010","major":"Equine Industry","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"As an educatation staff member, I inspire wonder for the cultural and natural worlds of Los Angeles. I am lucky enough to connect museum visitors to our dinosaur fossil collections, ice age fossil collections, animal collections, butterflies, spiders, gardens and more. I also lead tours, school program and even get to present our adorable live opossum, Avocado!","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Frank Clementi","gyear":"1986","major":"Architecture","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Frank Clementi, AIA, AIGA, Principal of Rios Clementi Hale Studios, and his firm have been honored as one of the 2016 AD100 by Architectural Digest. Currently a board member and adjunct professor at Woodbury School of Architecture, Frank has taught for more than 20 years at institutions like USC, Art Center College of Design, and UNLV. He is also a member of the City of Los Angeles Mayor's Design Advisory Committee. Projects like Austin City Limits, Chess Park, Warner Bros. Day Care Center, and S4P Sunset Triangle Plaza evidence his deft touch at bridging traditional distinctions among architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and product design","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Monica Santander","gyear":"2014","major":"Environmental Biology","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Monica Santander is a Master of Public Policy Candidate at the USC Price School of Public Policy. She is especially interested in youth outcomes, namely for at-risk youth, equitable and sustainable community development, and program evaluation. After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona and before attending USC, she worked at the California State University Water Resources and Policy Initiatives. As program assistant, she worked with stakeholders throughout the California State University system; local community colleges; nonprofits\/consultants engaged in water-related technical assistance; and water industries to develop various projects, collaborations, and initiatives. In addition, she assisted in grant writing, progress reports and representing the CSU institute at stakeholder meetings regarding CA Proposition 1 Water Bond funds. During her first year at USC, she was 2015-2016 Executive Co-Director of the Queer Policy Caucus and a 2015-2016 planning committee member of the Students of Color and Allies Policy Forum. Currently, she is a part-time Transitional Development Specialist assisting foster care and probation youth with their transition to adulthood through life skills and career development. In addition, she is assisting with research at the Bedrosian Center on Governance on affordable housing and employment within Los Angeles County.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Jon Farzam","gyear":"1939","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Vice President of several independent hotel properties, which he co-owns and operates with his family. Farzam and his family built and opened Shore Hotel in Santa Monica. Today, the LEED Gold Certified Shore Hotel is one of the leaders in the Southern California hotel market known for its award-winning sustainability and design.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Kyung Chul Park","gyear":"2015","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Although I graduated from Collins College majoring hospitality management, I am now working at Forever 21 headquarter office in Los Angeles, California. This isn't really related to what I learned for 4 years during school but I am enjoying my career and growing quickly. The skills I learned at school definitely applies at work everyday and meeting many Bronco Alumnus at work amazes me too!","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Erick Lopez","gyear":"2001","major":"Urban and Regional Planning","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I have initiated, got approval and funding for, and have managed one of the nations's largest planning initiatives to date: re:code LA, a comprehensive revision of the City of Los Angeles zoning code. As part of the project we are rethinking the concept of zoning to deliver more responsive, comprehensive community planning tools. We are also developing a first of it's web-based zoning code system that will significantly improve the way regulatory information is provided to the public.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Laura Julieta Rodriguez","gyear":"2015","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I was the second MIT to join the West Coast Shake Shack Team. This is a new market out in the West Coast that originated in New York City, it is an international company and just opened it's 100th Shack a few weeks ago. After completing my MIT program, I will now be part of opening the third location in the West Coast. I was hired a few months after Graduation and completely excited to be representing Cal Poly Alumn. Three more alumn have been hired after me as well!","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Dr. Jose A. Gomez","gyear":"1993","major":"Sociology","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Dr. Jose A. Gomez serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at Cal State LA.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Mario Garcia-Gillespie","gyear":"2016","major":"Civil Engineering","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am working on the Purple Line Extension Project which is extending the current subway line by approx. 9 miles west towards Beverly Hills and the VA Hospital. Many CPP alumni have had a part on this project from its early stages. The project is under construction from 2015 to 2026.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Milton Alvarenga","gyear":"2009","major":"Marketing Management","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am currently working for the City of Los Angeles as a management analyst and looking to go back to school for an MBA.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"Marc Rudy","gyear":"2019","major":"Architecture","city":"Los Angeles","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently working on coordination and production on healthcare architecture projects throughout California while studying towards licensure.","lat":"34.0522342","lng":"-118.2436849"},{"full_name":"John Curley","gyear":"1992","major":"Management & Human Resources","city":"Monrovia","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Covina Police Department Capt. John Curley has been named the city's new chief of police","lat":"34.1442616","lng":"-118.0019482"},{"full_name":"Claude Felizardo","gyear":"1990","major":"Computer Science","city":"Monrovia","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Lead software developer at Caltech supporting the USGS ShakeAlert project to detect earthquakes and warn people when ground shaking is expected.","lat":"34.1442616","lng":"-118.0019482"},{"full_name":"Eddie Loussararian","gyear":"1994","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Montebello","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I published two leadership books, 64 Life Hacks For Success and When Bosses Go Wild. Both are available on Amazon. I created a training program that has been ranked #50 in the world by Training magazine for three consecutive years.","lat":"34.0165053","lng":"-118.1137535"},{"full_name":"Martin Vu","gyear":"2004","major":"Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology","city":"Murrieta","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Martin is one of three principals who founded RMS Energy Consulting with the goal of helping California achieve an economically and environmentally sustainable energy future. As a California Technical Forum (CALTF) Member, Martin is one of 29 energy efficiency professional experts who address key issues relating to engineering work papers and ex-ante reporting to regulating bodies, including the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). He also obtained his Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the University of California, Irvine and completed his Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree from Trinity Law School. Martin is a Certified Water Efficiency Professional (CWEP) and is currently studying to become a registered patent agent.\n|","lat":"33.5539143","lng":"-117.2139232"},{"full_name":"Thomas Ryan","gyear":"2009","major":"Sociology","city":"Newport Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am currently working as a partner of \"The Ronnie Vaughan Group: Real Estate Professionals\" at Keller Williams Realty Newport Estates. We specialize in Residential Real Estate throughout Southern California with special emphasis in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, LA County and San Diego County.","lat":"33.6189101","lng":"-117.9289469"},{"full_name":"Tyler Brown","gyear":"2010","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"Newport Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Beverage director for Umami Restaurant Group and has worked with the company for the past four years. The restaurant has more than forty locations worldwide between both concepts and has plans for more international growth this year.","lat":"33.6189101","lng":"-117.9289469"},{"full_name":"Rachel Connor","gyear":"2015","major":"International Business","city":"Newport Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I support all North American hotel partners by building hotel promotions and updating Expedia's live sites.","lat":"33.6189101","lng":"-117.9289469"},{"full_name":"Susan Alleto Cooper","gyear":"2000","major":"Biology","city":"Oceanside","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Studied ecosystems and desert plants at the Bahia de Los Angeles UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Sea of Cortez.","lat":"33.1958696","lng":"-117.3794834"},{"full_name":"Payton Cantrell","gyear":"2018","major":"Liberal Studies","city":"Oceanside","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"During my senior year at Cal Poly Pomona, I lost my father to suicide. It was a very tough year for me but thankfully I had a counselor, professors, and family that helped me through it. I never thought I would graduate after that happened, but I graduated with honors my senior year. I currently live in Oceanside, CA and I am a freelance marketer. Since graduation, I have worked as a marketing manager for multiple companies. I run a reptile rescue out of my apartment and take in reptiles that are no longer wanted by their owners or have health issues.","lat":"33.1958696","lng":"-117.3794834"},{"full_name":"Jason Beers","gyear":"2010","major":"Masters in Multimedia for Education","city":"Ontario","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Accepted into grad school to pursue my doctorate.","lat":"34.0633443","lng":"-117.6508876"},{"full_name":"Virginia Viado","gyear":"1989","major":"Urban and Regional Planning","city":"Ontario","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Since graduating from Cal Poly Pomona I've been working in the planning field in both the public and private sectors. I'm a past board member of the California Planning Foundation, an affiliate group of the APA California Chapter, which raises funds for scholarships distributed to students enrolled in planning programs in California - such as Cal Poly Pomona. I currently serve as the Vice President for Marketing and Membership for the APA California Chapter, an organization which offers a wide spectrum of member benefits including information, services and support to advance planning in California.","lat":"34.0633443","lng":"-117.6508876"},{"full_name":"Jaime Lepe","gyear":"2007","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"Ontario","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After CPP Jaime attended the Culinary Institute of America and graduated in 2008. Currently, Jaime helps his parents in his family restaurants in Pomona Ca. Jaime is a candidate for the Masters of Science in Human Resources at Pepperdine University.","lat":"34.0633443","lng":"-117.6508876"},{"full_name":"Joshua Kinnick","gyear":"2011","major":"Mathematics","city":"Ontario","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am now employed at The School of Arts and Enterprise in Downtown Pomona where I teach Integrated Math I for 9th grade students. I owe my mathematical understanding and teaching expertise to Cal Poly Pomona and its wonderful faculty and staff!","lat":"34.0633443","lng":"-117.6508876"},{"full_name":"James Rothblatt","gyear":"1970","major":"Biology","city":"Palm Springs","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"http:\/\/www.redleafresources.com\/","lat":"33.8302961","lng":"-116.5452921"},{"full_name":"Jason Dineros","gyear":"2009","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Pasadena","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Recently moved back to LA from my firm's San Francisco office, and now teaching my third quarter as an adjunct professor at Collins College of Hospitality Management.","lat":"34.1477849","lng":"-118.1445155"},{"full_name":"Clint Hawkins","gyear":"2012","major":"Physics","city":"Pinon Hills","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently serves in the Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program in which he works on a fast attack submarine, running the nuclear reactor.","lat":"34.433237","lng":"-117.6467917"},{"full_name":"Phillip Marquez","gyear":"1982","major":"Marketing","city":"Placentia","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Member of the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association Board of Directors","lat":"33.8722371","lng":"-117.8703363"},{"full_name":"Linda John","gyear":"1979","major":"Physics","city":"Pleasant Hill","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I tutor math and physics students and i co-teach a high school Physics class for homeschoolers.","lat":"37.9479786","lng":"-122.0607963"},{"full_name":"Adalberto Rodriguez","gyear":"2013","major":"Communications","city":"Pomona","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Executive Director of the Orange County branch of The Parent Institute for Quality Education.","lat":"34.055103","lng":"-117.7499909"},{"full_name":"Lorena Matarrita-McNicholas","gyear":"2012","major":"Urban and Regional Planning (MURP)","city":"Pomona","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Helping to make land use decisions for the City of Loma Linda so residents can have better choices for where and how they live.","lat":"34.055103","lng":"-117.7499909"},{"full_name":"Gina Hosterman","gyear":"2009","major":"Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management","city":"Pomona","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I work in higher education now and enjoy volunteering with an excellent non-profit organization called Food Forward.","lat":"34.055103","lng":"-117.7499909"},{"full_name":"John Poli","gyear":"1993","major":"Political Science","city":"Rancho Cucamonga","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Secretary General for the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association Board of Directors","lat":"34.1063989","lng":"-117.5931084"},{"full_name":"Louie Lacasella","gyear":"2014","major":"MPA","city":"Rancho Cucamonga","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Lacasella is a Management Aide in the City Manager's Office at the City of La Habra Heights where he acts as a generalist by conducting analytical and research assignments, developing recommendations on administrative and operational issues and problems with citywide impact. He is a member of International City\/County Management Association (ICMA), the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and Municipal Management Association of Southern California (MMASC) serving on the 2014 Winter Forum. Louie is also the recipient of the Wes McClure Scholarship from the California City Management Foundation (CCMF) and the League of California Cities City Manager Department Meeting Scholarship.","lat":"34.1063989","lng":"-117.5931084"},{"full_name":"Tracy Dean","gyear":"2014","major":"MBA","city":"Rancho Cucamonga","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I currently serve as an Analyst for the Cal Poly Pomona Human Resources department where I maintain the business continuity plans for the campus and facilitate the HR internship program for the department.","lat":"34.1063989","lng":"-117.5931084"},{"full_name":"Brad Buller","gyear":"1976","major":"Liberal Studies","city":"Rancho Cucamonga","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I celebrated my 40 year anniversary with the love of my life who I met while attending Cal Poly Pomona. I am retired now and serve on several community boards and commissions.","lat":"34.1063989","lng":"-117.5931084"},{"full_name":"Robin Brenneisen","gyear":"2013","major":"Liberal Studies","city":"Rancho Cucamonga","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor's in Art and continued my education at Cal Poly to receive credits for a Teaching Credential. My experiences through and at Cal Poly were phenomenal! Though I felt like my first round of student teaching went well enough, my second and final round went even smoother! I was placed with a teacher who just \"got\" me. We got along so well and our personalities meshed so perfectly that transitioning her class to my teaching was smooth. Not only that, but our childhoods were so similar that it was like we had grown up together, but were only in fact separated by a matter of years. It was so perfect. She pushed me to become a substitute in the district, which the administrators fully backed and even expedited an interview for me. I gained valuable experience and connections through the district. I cannot thank the Credential Program at Cal Poly enough for the set up. It really has brought me to where I am today- my first year teaching at a Charter School in the San Fernando Valley. I am finally in my very own classroom, with my very own group of fifth graders (my target grade level!), and I have such a supportive group of people working with me already who are so in tune with my values. It just feels as though fate was working in my favor to bring me here. Still, I reflect on how I got here- my experiences at CPP, my educational background that almost perfectly prepared me to be here. It's as though being there triggered that first wobbly domino in my career. Sometimes it seemed as though they would stop tipping over and my life would come to a halt, but having the resources I did helped continue the domino effect that eventually landed me here, at MY teacher's workstation, in MY classroom.","lat":"34.1063989","lng":"-117.5931084"},{"full_name":"Connie Yeh","gyear":"2015","major":"Biology","city":"Rancho Cucamonga","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I just started my second year of pharmacy school at USC School of Pharmacy.","lat":"34.1063989","lng":"-117.5931084"},{"full_name":"Angela Schusse-Warren","gyear":"1995","major":"Behavioral Sciences","city":"Rancho Cucamonga","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am a Cal Poly Pomona alumna who has always had a hankering for helping others. I began volunteering as a teen and by age 15, I knew I wanted to study Behavioral Sciences. I was able to realize that goal at Cal Poly. Studying at CPP had such a positive impact in my life because it allowed me to embrace each of my passions in Psychology, Dance and Genealogy. I suffer from a hearing impairment and a heritable disorder which causes many limitations. Things are not often easy for me because being chronically ill adds a layer of difficulty to my life. However; I have never let it stop me from achieving goals; rather my genetic disease forced me to redefine my life so that I could still reach my aspirations. Though I have a paid work history, I have been able to fulfill my desire to offer meaningful help to others by dedicating my life to volunteerism. \n\nMy passion for psychology and behavior came at a young age. My family and friends say I have been a mediator since birth. I have always had a desire to help others, so I geared my educational career accordingly. I began my work as an advocate and liaison while attending CPP. Upon graduating in 1995, I was hired as a counselor in the private sector; while I also worked as a crisis counselor in a hospital. Throughout the years, I have mentored and helped others in various programs and ultimately led to my counseling and advocating for chronically ill patients suffering from invisible disabilities. This has been overwhelmingly rewarding because I relate. As a sufferer of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Sj?gren's Syndrome and a multitude of commorbidities causing impairments and debilitation, I know firsthand the woes of chronic illness.\n\nEven though my disease has been present all of my life, I had a wonderful childhood. Dancing has also always been a part of who I am. I had an innate desire to dance as a child. I began formal training in middle childhood and have been known as\" Dancin' Schusse\" since I was 10 years of age. I was a quick study and became proficient in ballet, jazz and tap. I performed with several troops and was on my high school dance team before becoming an understudy then a paraprofrofessional in college; prior to hitting the professional arena for a short time. Even though you can still find me in the studio; my genetic disorder unfortunately causes many limitations and forced me to redefine my dance goals years ago. I used my limitations and deterioration as fuel. As a proponent of dance as therapy, especially for the chronically ill, I have been advocating the benefits of dance and movement as a MoveMental Facilitator. Never did I imagine my journey would lead me to a place that merged both of my psychology and dance backgrounds. \n\nWhen I am not advocating or dancing, I can be found researching; where I spend much of my time. I have always been intrigued by my own family history and desired to further my understanding of my [unique] roots. A genealogy assignment in junior college was the start of my research; but my courses at CPP are responsible for igniting the fire for my passion to pursue genealogy.? Upon graduating from CPP, I was requested to assist in a post-baccalaureate project on race relations after I delivered a well received lecture on racial identity. This only encouraged me more to research the cultural and racial identities of my ancestors. I went on to earn a MA degree in Human Behavior from National University (NU). Like at CPP, much of my studies at NU focused on race, culture and religion. In the genealogy arena I am also known as AnGeneNee, the GenealoGenie. Uncovering my own family history is only part of the reward. I find great joy in helping others uncover their ancestral pasts as well. \n\nMy research led to my being requested to join forces with the Mobile Creole Cultural and Historical Preservation Society (MCCHPS). I am the Western Membership Chair for the society. MCCHPS is a 501(c)(3) organization and our mission is to continuously promote and improve understanding of the culture and history of the Creole community of the Mobile, Alabama region and to facilitate the research efforts of those exploring their ancestral connection to this community. We foster a network through which genealogists and family history researchers who share common ancestral links to Mobile Creole families can engage in shared research and educational exchange. We promote understanding of the significance of the history of Mobile Creoles in the context of the African-American?experience and the social history of America's gulf region. We promote the preservation of documents, artifacts, burial grounds, and structures that are of importance to the chronicling of the Creole presence in Mobile, etc. MCCHPS has a phenomenal board and it is a privilege to be part of an organization dedicated to preserving history of a group often referred to as \"forgotten people.\" In addition to MCCHPS, my research has also has a local impact. I also avidly work to preserve and continually discover information on Los Angeles' historical Furlong Tract. This area not only bears historical significance to Los Angeles, but its relevance plays a pivotal role in American history. I am honored to work at preserving and educating others on the historical significance of the Furlong Tract; just as I am honored to work for MCCHPS. My genealogical work has been my saving grace in dealing with my conditions; especially during the times I battle episodic immobility.\n\nI am grateful for my education at CPP. It allowed me to foster all of my interests and nourish my passions. I am fortunate to be able to enjoy my passions for psychology, dance and genealogy simultaneously. Managing the impairments, limitations and debilitation caused by my hereditary disorder has taught me many life lessons. However; I never allowed it to take over my life and prevent me from doing what I love. I am fortunate that my education complements my life experiences and that I have been able to utilize this coupling to help others.","lat":"34.1063989","lng":"-117.5931084"},{"full_name":"Analyse Parres","gyear":"1988","major":"Psychology","city":"Rancho Cucamonga","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I was accepted to Claremont Graduate University's Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation program. I have deferred to next year as I was hired as an Admissions Counselor at Western University of Health Sciences.","lat":"34.1063989","lng":"-117.5931084"},{"full_name":"Dale Stern","gyear":"1984","major":"Agricultural Biology","city":"Rancho Murieta","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Mr. Stern was Named a 2017 Top Lawyer by Sacramento Magazine and currently works for Downey Brand in Sacramento. |","lat":"38.5018527","lng":"-121.0946669"},{"full_name":"Jeff Osborn","gyear":"2010","major":"Civil Engineering","city":"Redwood Shores","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Although I graduated with a Civil Engineering background, I currently work in the field of accounting.","lat":"37.5364134","lng":"-122.2455364"},{"full_name":"Mark Wry","gyear":"2014","major":"Industrial Engineering","city":"Rialto","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Pursing a graduate degree in Systems Engineering in the Fall of 2015.\rAs a result of my experiences at CPP, I'm piloting a intern program with Under Armour and Prospective Industrial Engineering students.","lat":"34.1064001","lng":"-117.3703235"},{"full_name":"Andrea Baker","gyear":"1993","major":"Civil Engr","city":"Rialto","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Dewberry, a privately held professional services firm, announced that Andrea Baker, CEng, has been hired as a rail project engineer in the firm's Long Beach, California, office.\nBaker joins the firm with more than 14 years of experience as a civil engineer, with a focus on transit and rail projects. She is an expert in the site assessment, design, coordination, and construction of light and heavy rail systems, including engineering of track alignment and rail structures and integration of railroad signal systems. \nIn her new role, she will be responsible for track design and business development to support the firm's rail and port capabilities. Prior to joining Dewberry, Baker worked with multidiscipline teams to deliver complex rail projects within tight physical and operational constraints around the world, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and the U.S. \nBaker earned her bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (1993). She is a chartered civil engineer (CEng) and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (MICE) in the United Kingdom, an engineer-in-training in California, and a member of Women's Transportation Seminar - Los Angeles Chapter. \nAbout Dewberry\nDewberry is a leading, market-facing firm with a proven history of providing professional services to a wide variety of public- and private-sector clients. Recognized for combining unsurpassed commitment to client service with deep subject matter expertise, Dewberry is dedicated to solving clients' most complex challenges and transforming their communities. Established in 1956, Dewberry is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, with more than 50 locations and 2,000+ professionals nationwide. To learn more, visit www.dewberry.com.","lat":"34.1064001","lng":"-117.3703235"},{"full_name":"Jonathan Tran","gyear":"2014","major":"Computer Information Systems","city":"Riverside","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Application Developer at Cal Poly Pomona.","lat":"33.9533487","lng":"-117.3961564"},{"full_name":"Curt Butz","gyear":"1985","major":"ETE","city":"Riverside","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"My ETE degree helped me greatly for my starting position in maintaining and repairing computers and associated equipment. I have moved up in the company since but the degree from CPP helped me greatly to get my start at Hewlett-Packard.","lat":"33.9533487","lng":"-117.3961564"},{"full_name":"Kirstie Belmonte","gyear":"2014","major":"MBA","city":"Riverside","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I graduated with my BS Mechanical Engineering in 2009 and my MBA in 2014. I currently work as a Systems Engineer at NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. In my role, I work in the Electronic Fabrication department and work with nearly all major space programs. I also manage liquid & gaseous cryogenics to ensure all of JPL has the ability to simulate a space environment.\r|","lat":"33.9533487","lng":"-117.3961564"},{"full_name":"James Fisher","gyear":"1965","major":"Accounting","city":"Riverside","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Have worked in retail, for government, doctors, dentists, attorneys, 13 years for civil engineers, then a 3 year sabbatical followed by another 12 year stint with civil engineers. Now I am retired - and this is the best job I ever have had.","lat":"33.9533487","lng":"-117.3961564"},{"full_name":"Marq Truscott","gyear":"1984","major":"Landscape Architecture","city":"Sacramento","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Marq Truscott's tenure in the state's Landscape Architects Technical Committee concluded on June1. Appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown in September 2015, Truscott has been a practitioner for over 30 years, with licensures in California and Nevada.","lat":"38.5815719","lng":"-121.4943996"},{"full_name":"Donald Alsey","gyear":"1985","major":"Architecture","city":"Sacramento","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Senior Architect at CalTrans Sacramento. Principal Achitect, DEA Architecture.","lat":"38.5815719","lng":"-121.4943996"},{"full_name":"William DeGraffenreid","gyear":"1995","major":"Physics","city":"Sacramento","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I joined Sac State in 2002 and rose through the academic ranks. After serving seven years as Department Chair, I was asked to lead our research office on an interim basis and now work in the Office of the President as a Special Assistant. My experience at Cal Poly Pomona inspired me to be part of the wonderful CSU family and I am extremely proud of the impact we have on the lives our our students.","lat":"38.5815719","lng":"-121.4943996"},{"full_name":"Marisol Ibarra","gyear":"2019","major":"Political Science","city":"Sacramento","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am a legislative aide helping draft policy. My portfolio includes Human Services, Education, Health, Economic Development and Banking. I am also the host of Here Comes the Sun Podcast, where I share tips about career development, money management and self-care.","lat":"38.5815719","lng":"-121.4943996"},{"full_name":"Bruce Gorelick","gyear":"1978","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"San Anselmo","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently the general manager at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, and he is president of the Hotel Council of San Francisco. In his 37 years with Marriott he's held various positions from regional roles to vice president of operations with Marriott Vacation club,and vice president of operations of The Ritz-Carlton and Residence Inns. Gorelick is still an active member at the Collins College serving as a Board of Advisors member for 15 years, and the planning committee for Hospitality Uncorked for five years.","lat":"37.9746458","lng":"-122.5616448"},{"full_name":"Nefertiti Long","gyear":"1996","major":"Accounting","city":"San Bernardino","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Nefertiti Long\u00a0is a resident of Lake Elsinore and Chief Operating Officer of Alta Loma Enterprises in Rancho Cucamonga. Ms. Long has worked as VP and Controller of Cardenas Markets. Her professional associations include Alliance of Black Women Accountants and the National Association for Female Executives. Ms. Long\u2019s community involvement includes supporting the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, United Negro College Fund, and the March of Dimes. Ms. Long holds a B.A. in Accounting from California State University, Pomona and an M.B.A. from California State University, Fullerton.","lat":"34.1083449","lng":"-117.2897652"},{"full_name":"Gerald Maio","gyear":"1972","major":"Electrical & Electronics","city":"San Clemente","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am an electrical engineering graduate from 1972. My CPP degree significantly helped my work while in the Navy and utility nuclear power plants.","lat":"33.4273521","lng":"-117.6126004"},{"full_name":"Gerald Maio","gyear":"1972","major":"Electrical & Electronics Engr","city":"San Clemente","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am an electrical engineering graduate from 1972. My CPP degree significantly helped my work while in the Navy and utility nuclear power plants.","lat":"33.4273521","lng":"-117.6126004"},{"full_name":"Rick Vandenbelt","gyear":"1984","major":"Marketing","city":"San Clemente","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After having been in construction product sales for the last 25 years, I am now using my sales experience in a marketing role for specialty construction supplier Smalley & Company.","lat":"33.4273521","lng":"-117.6126004"},{"full_name":"Sergio Ford","gyear":"2010","major":"Behavioral Sciences","city":"San Diego","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am a part of San Diego Youth Services HERE Now team (School-Based Suicide Prevention and Early Intervention Program). As my position within the program is fluid, my primary responsibilities are to provide high risk assessments and crisis interventions for safety concerns about suicidal ideation of students in the schools. Cal Poly Pomona helped me prepare for the demands of Graduate school and skills for working in teams.","lat":"32.715738","lng":"-117.1610838"},{"full_name":"Tracy Garmer","gyear":"1989","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"San Diego","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Named as a finalist in the San Diego Magazine Woman of the Year Awards for her impactful work in the healthcare and education industries in Southern California.","lat":"32.715738","lng":"-117.1610838"},{"full_name":"Jeff Murphy","gyear":"1992","major":"Urban and Regional Planning","city":"San Diego","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Jeff Murphy serves as a planning director for San Diego after a 2-year stint as the director of planning and development in the City of Encinitas. Murphy is no stranger to San Diego. A native son, he's held several positions in the city's Department of Planning and Land Use, from deputy director of advanced planning and regulatory planning.","lat":"32.715738","lng":"-117.1610838"},{"full_name":"Judy Stephens","gyear":"1967","major":"Social Sciences","city":"San Diego","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I have started five preschools and kindergarten programs. I have sold four schools and still operate the original school founded in 1980 for my 2 year old daughter.","lat":"32.715738","lng":"-117.1610838"},{"full_name":"Darren Dewitt","gyear":"2014","major":"Manufacturing Engineering","city":"San Diego","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am approaching the end of my PhD at UCSD and grateful for everything that CPP has done to get me where I am today! The people and professors I met while at CPP will have a long-lasting impression on who I am as a person.","lat":"32.715738","lng":"-117.1610838"},{"full_name":"Harold Diep","gyear":"1996","major":"Accounting","city":"San Dimas","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Now in San Dimas","lat":"34.1066756","lng":"-117.8067257"},{"full_name":"Jennifer Felter","gyear":"2002","major":"Liberal Studies","city":"San Dimas","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I'm married and busy raising our one year old daughter. I'm currently teaching kindergarten. I love what I do.","lat":"34.1066756","lng":"-117.8067257"},{"full_name":"Brandon Carrera","gyear":"2007","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"San Francisco","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After Graduating, I worked in education part- time while working full-time for the Marriott, Kaiser Permanente, Priceline, and Aramark. After earning a California Adult Teaching Credential, I began teaching at-Risk Young Adults skills and trades of the Industry for the United States Department of Labor's Job Corps Program.","lat":"37.7749295","lng":"-122.4194155"},{"full_name":"Evan Tsai","gyear":"1998","major":"Computer Information Systems","city":"San Gabriel","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently serving in the IT Controls and Security Division, Mr. Tsai works to keep the systems safe and operating smoothly at Lucky Brand.","lat":"34.0961111","lng":"-118.1058333"},{"full_name":"King Leung Har","gyear":"2001","major":"Electrical Engineering","city":"San Gabriel","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently, I am heading BT's network delivery teams supporting the MPLS product portfolio. The team consists of over 120 network engineers who are responsible for building Cisco and Juniper configurations for BT's global clientele. \r|\r|The hand's on learning approach at CPP has helped me tremendously in the industry. I frequently find myself in the center of customer escalations and use my problem solving skills to use the resources at my disposal to find the best solution.","lat":"34.0961111","lng":"-118.1058333"},{"full_name":"David Kok","gyear":"2014","major":"Chemistry","city":"San Gabriel","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am currently a Ph.D student at UC Irvine in Materials Science and Engineering.","lat":"34.0961111","lng":"-118.1058333"},{"full_name":"Bob Weis","gyear":"1980","major":"Architecture","city":"San Marino","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Named the new president of Walt Disney Co.'s Imagineering division.","lat":"34.121397","lng":"-118.1064585"},{"full_name":"Adrian Salazar","gyear":"2016","major":"Urban and Regional Planning","city":"Santa Ana","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently working for Caltrans.","lat":"33.7455731","lng":"-117.8678338"},{"full_name":"Kelsey Desprez","gyear":"2016","major":"Human Resources and Management","city":"Santa Ana","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I work as a wedding and event planner in Southern California.","lat":"33.7455731","lng":"-117.8678338"},{"full_name":"Patrick Anderson","gyear":"2011","major":"International Business & Marketing Mgmt","city":"Santa Barbara","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"COO and Co-Founder of a Digital Marketing Agency.","lat":"34.4208305","lng":"-119.6981901"},{"full_name":"Kimberly True","gyear":"2007","major":"Master of Landscape Architecture","city":"Santa Barbara","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I own and operate a Landscape Architecture practice in Santa Barbara, CA for 10+ years. Focus on sustainable design, commercial and residential projects.","lat":"34.4208305","lng":"-119.6981901"},{"full_name":"Wojciech Truty","gyear":"2008","major":"ECE","city":"Santa Clara","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, I attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I obtained my MS in ECE. I was then employed by NVIDIA Corporation as an ASIC Design Engineer. While at NVIDIA, I have been working on designing, verifying, and bringing next generation GPUs to market.","lat":"37.3541079","lng":"-121.9552356"},{"full_name":"Hayly Peacock","gyear":"2015","major":"Human Foods and Nutrition","city":"Santa Rosa","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Since graduating June 2015 (Just over a year ago.) I have been doing community work in Sonoma County. I worked at a local teen club for a year and became part of the 2 person team that does all community outreach\/education on child abuse prevention for all of Sonoma County. Every day I am helping people who care for our children protect and provide resources for the kids who need them most. This has even spread into my private endeavors with my by-commission bakery- Butter Dog Baking where I have used my market base to raise funds for the donation of birthday and celebration cakes to children in need. These kids are just that, kids, and many of them have not had the love and support of someone to celebrate them. It brings my heart joy to be able to give them something made for them funded by a community that cares.","lat":"38.440429","lng":"-122.7140548"},{"full_name":"Kristina Cepielik","gyear":"1997","major":"Communication","city":"Sierra Madre","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"In the late 90s was promoted to become one of Jet Propulsion Labortory's first web designers in Pasadena, California. I left JPL to invest in real estate and flipping houses. I now have rental property I own and manage and supplement this with a career in therapy. I also write, perform, and produce for my band, Korpus Kristy.","lat":"34.1616729","lng":"-118.0528456"},{"full_name":"Kristina Cepielik","gyear":"1998","major":"Communications","city":"Sierra Madre","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"In the late 90s was promoted to become one of Jet Propulsion Labortory's first web designers in Pasadena, California. I left JPL to invest in real estate and flipping houses. I now have rental property I own and manage and supplement this with a career in therapy. I also write, perform, and produce for my band, Korpus Kristy.","lat":"34.1616729","lng":"-118.0528456"},{"full_name":"Claudio Hoyos","gyear":"2003","major":"Mechanical Engineering","city":"Sierra Madre","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I am the creator of the innovative product \"ZpillSafe\" that launched on December 2018. The inspiration for ZpillSafe\u00ae materialized after my daughter Mia was born premature. I became frustrated after trying to replace a small broken glass pitcher (which helped pouring the milk and formula) with a regular mug and observed how it was impossible to pour the liquid directly into a baby bottle without spilling. I realized there was nothing on the market to perform the transfer easier and how much a simple product can solve this problem for parents and everyone that are on the go. I worked relentlessly to develop this new invention, studying the materials required and the science of fluid flow. After many months of trial and error, Zpillsafe\u00ae finally performed as intended and is on the market.","lat":"34.1616729","lng":"-118.0528456"},{"full_name":"Thomas Kenna","gyear":"1987","major":"MHR","city":"Studio City","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Supporting the UCSB community overseeing Transportation. Great to still have contact with Cal Poly Pomona, especially Mike Biagi, Director of Parking there. In my spare time I help the USAF Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel in C-130 J Maintenance and play with our twin 6 year old girls!","lat":"34.1395597","lng":"-118.3870991"},{"full_name":"Erin Auten","gyear":"2004","major":"Animal Science","city":"Sunset Beach","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently work in an animal hospital taking care of boarding animals and animals in treatment who have had surgery.","lat":"33.7207336","lng":"-118.0735739"},{"full_name":"Sana Moosa","gyear":"2007","major":"Biology","city":"Thousand Oaks","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Masters in Business of Bioscience from Keck Graduate Institute (Class of 2010)\r|- Top healthcare management consulting firm specializing in Commercial Strategy (Campbell Alliance)","lat":"34.1705609","lng":"-118.8375937"},{"full_name":"Harold Katzman","gyear":"1977","major":"Geology","city":"Tustin","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After spending almost 30 years in retail management I have chosen to go in a different direction: Commission Sales. The learn by doing Philosophy of Cal Poly Pomona was instrumental in helping me grow professionally in more way than you could imagine. I am still actively involved, where time allows, with Cal Poly and look forward to my visits. I look forward to continued involvement with Cal Poly where ever possible.","lat":"33.7458511","lng":"-117.826166"},{"full_name":"Raleigh Purtzer","gyear":"2005","major":"Material Engineering","city":"Tustin","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I design guidewires that allow life saving therapy devices to be deployed in the brain to treat aneurisms.","lat":"33.7458511","lng":"-117.826166"},{"full_name":"Jason Farned","gyear":"2004","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Upland","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I recently started a new career in public health and safety.","lat":"34.09751","lng":"-117.6483876"},{"full_name":"Patrick Heyne","gyear":"2015","major":"MBA","city":"Upland","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Currently working for Bank of America as the Assistant Vice President-MBA Associate. He participates in Bank of America's Leadership Development Program. This is a two year program in which he will be working with senior leaders to enhance different departments within the organization.","lat":"34.09751","lng":"-117.6483876"},{"full_name":"Bill Manis","gyear":"1986","major":"Urban Planning","city":"Upland","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"Alumnus Bill Manis is currently serving as Upland City Manager.","lat":"34.09751","lng":"-117.6483876"},{"full_name":"Trevor Henderson","gyear":"2002","major":"Electrical and Computer Engineering","city":"Vandenerg AFB, CA","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I was involved in providing space launch ground support for the the final launch of the Titan IV rocket. The rocket was carrying a payload for the National Reconnaissance Office.\r|\r|This was my first job out of college, and as a Cal Poly Pomona graduate, I felt I was able to hit the ground running thanks to all of the hands-on learning opportunities I had.","lat":"34.7582101","lng":"-120.5163949"},{"full_name":"Ron Welemin","gyear":"1987","major":"ETE","city":"Victorville","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After graduation, I was hired at California Steel Industries. They were modernizing their control systems at the Hot Strip mill. I worked there for 10 years, mostly as a maintenance electrician before changing careers. In 1998 and after adding a teaching credential to my resume, I began a 22 year adventure as a 1st grade teacher in Apple Valley, CA and retired in 2018 after 22 years.","lat":"34.5362184","lng":"-117.2927641"},{"full_name":"Debra Bogdanoff","gyear":"1997","major":"Civil Engineering","city":"Whittier","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"I'm honored to currently serve on the Board of the Alumni Association!","lat":"33.9791793","lng":"-118.032844"},{"full_name":"Eileen Simon","gyear":"1991","major":"Management & Human Resources","city":"Yorba Linda","state":"California","country":"USA","note":"After 22 years as a Human Resources Executive at Bank of America supporting the Consumer Bank channel, am currently Director of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion for the Disneyland Resort, with overall responsibility for the HR site strategy supporting overall business objectives and results.","lat":"33.8886259","lng":"-117.8131125"},{"full_name":"Daniel Reasbeck","gyear":"1989","major":"Electrical & Electronics Engineering","city":"Boulder","state":"Colorado","country":"USA","note":"Cal Poly Pomona prepared me well for a career in electrical design of spacecraft avionics. All those labs paid off! The ability to transition theories to practical hands on hardware was invaluable. Cal Poly Pomona is a great school and is well known among my peers. Engineering has been great career!","lat":"40.0149856","lng":"-105.2705456"},{"full_name":"Michael Monte","gyear":"2002","major":"Engineering Technology","city":"Castle Pines","state":"Colorado","country":"USA","note":"After being an Engineer for 16 years, I pursued my passion to teach. I am now in my 3rd year teaching Middle School students Pre-Algebra and Algebra.","lat":"39.4717664","lng":"-104.8948347"},{"full_name":"Marilyn Lewis","gyear":"1968","major":"Business Education","city":"Castle Rock","state":"Colorado","country":"USA","note":"My business training prepared me for a Master of Business Education degree. I taught at community colleges in Colorado. Currently I serve as a minister and find my business education invaluable in church leadership.","lat":"39.3722121","lng":"-104.8560902"},{"full_name":"Duane Slocum","gyear":"1963","major":"MBA","city":"Colorado Springs","state":"Colorado","country":"USA","note":"First president of the Alumni Association (1972).","lat":"38.8338816","lng":"-104.8213634"},{"full_name":"Gaylen Hansen","gyear":"1975","major":"ACCOUNTING","city":"EVERGREEN","state":"Colorado","country":"USA","note":"Current member, AICPA Auditing Standards Board; |IAASB & IESBA, consultative advisory group member;|American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, board of trustees and audit committee chair;|NASBA, board member 2005-2014, chair 2012 - 2013;|Colorado State Board of Accountancy, board member 2002 - 2010, chair 2005 - 2006;|AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee, 2006 - 2012;|PCAOB Standing Advisory Group (SAG), member 2006 - 2013;|U.S. Treasury's Advisory Committee on Auditing Profession (ACAP), 2008;Colorado State Securities Board, board member 1995 - 2001, chair 2000 - 2001;|Arthur Andersen & Co., 1975-1983;|Celestial Seasonings, Ass't Controller, 1983-1984;|Price Waterhouse, 1984-1987| |","lat":"39.6333213","lng":"-105.3172146"},{"full_name":"William Watson","gyear":"1976","major":"History","city":"Lakewood","state":"Colorado","country":"USA","note":"My profs inspired me to follow their example. After Cal Poly Pomona I did an MA & PhD at UC Riverside and am now a University History Professor.","lat":"39.7047095","lng":"-105.0813734"},{"full_name":"Jeffrey Fluker","gyear":"2008","major":"Hotel & Restaurant Management","city":"Key West","state":"Florida","country":"USA","note":"With several years of restaurant experience, Mr. Fluker has been promoted several times within the Waldorf Astoria Collection in Key West, Florida. Mr. Fluker currently serves as the front office manager for almost 800 rooms at the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites.","lat":"24.5550593","lng":"-81.7799871"},{"full_name":"Christy Leite","gyear":"1987","major":"Industrial Engineering","city":"West Palm Beach","state":"Florida","country":"USA","note":"Masters in Quality Systems Management and a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).\r|I have held positions of Operations Process Improvement Manager, Ergonomic Co-Chairperson, AS9100Internal Auditor, Continuous Improvement Instructor, member of the Diversity Council and Employee Volunteer Organization at Pratt & Whitney, in West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, I held positions of Quality Engineer at Pratt & Whitney in Florida and Carrier Corporation; Senior Industrial Engineer at Otis Elevators in Indiana and Carrier in Texas; Industrial Engineer at Carrier and Northrop Electronics Systems Division, and Assistant Safety Engineer earlier at Honeywell Training and Systems Division in California.","lat":"26.839332","lng":"-80.0447149"},{"full_name":"Ken Burns","gyear":"1987","major":"Computer Science","city":"Atlanta","state":"Georgia","country":"USA","note":"Currently building systems for Airborne Early Warning applications for Homeland Security. Systems used for catching drug smugglers, disaster relief support, and special event and VIP protection.","lat":"33.7489954","lng":"-84.3879824"},{"full_name":"Shayne Thompson","gyear":"2005","major":"Liberal Studies","city":"Griffin","state":"Georgia","country":"USA","note":"I am the World Languages Department Chair at Griffin High School. I teach Spanish 2, Spanish 3 and AP Spanish. I am also the Spanish Club sponsor. I am a new teacher mentor and on the school Leadership Team.","lat":"33.2467807","lng":"-84.2640904"},{"full_name":"Lubecke Victor","gyear":"1987","major":"Electrical & Electronics Engineering","city":"Honolulu","state":"Hawaii","country":"USA","note":"Victor Lubecke has been named an IEEE Fellow in 2016 for leadership in the development of microwave transducers for biomedical applications.","lat":"21.3069444","lng":"-157.8583333"},{"full_name":"Shane Solorza","gyear":"2013","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"Hayden","state":"Idaho","country":"USA","note":"I currently lead a team of 20 employees to daily success at one of Marriott International's most popular brands in Spokane, Washington","lat":"47.7660161","lng":"-116.7865815"},{"full_name":"Efrain Quiros","gyear":"2004","major":"IBM","city":"Chicago","state":"Illinois","country":"USA","note":"I'm now living in Chicago after living in the UK for 5 years.\r I work for a specialist software provider of corporate sustainability information management systems for global companies.","lat":"41.8781136","lng":"-87.6297982"},{"full_name":"Robert Dickau","gyear":"1990","major":"Mathematics","city":"Chicago","state":"Illinois","country":"USA","note":"My professors at Cal Poly Pomona taught me that attention to detail repays. Professors Lord, Banks, and Sportsman helped make me who I am today, 30 years later.","lat":"41.8781136","lng":"-87.6297982"},{"full_name":"Frank Stubblefield","gyear":"1981","major":"Animal Sci","city":"Culver","state":"Indiana","country":"USA","note":"After retiring from 25 years in the packaging industry. Created a position as High School Polo Coach for a College prep school in Indiana.Participated in the 2017 Inaugural Parade with 80 Mounted students for the parade Largest Cavalry school still in existence in the US","lat":"41.22242","lng":"-86.413003"},{"full_name":"Art Hill","gyear":"1978","major":"Accounting","city":"Council Bluffs","state":"Iowa","country":"USA","note":"After a 38 year career as a CPA that included running casinos and hotels, investigating for Nevada, and serving in governmental roles in Iowa for a school district and a city, I work part time for both the Iowa Supreme Court and the Kansas City Royals AAA affiliate in Omaha.","lat":"41.2619444","lng":"-95.8608333"},{"full_name":"Robert Johnson","gyear":"1991","major":"Marketing Management","city":"Richmond","state":"Kentucky","country":"USA","note":"This fall, I began directing the Bluegrass Writers Studio Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing Program at EKU. My novel, Californium, will be released be Plume-Penguin, in July 2016","lat":"37.7478572","lng":"-84.2946539"},{"full_name":"Robert Johnson","gyear":"1991","major":"Business Administration","city":"Richmond","state":"Kentucky","country":"USA","note":"An author of a novel, Californium (Plume 2016) and a story collection, Delicate Men (Alternative Book, 2014), Associate Professor of English, and director of the Bluegrass Writers Studio Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing program.","lat":"37.7478572","lng":"-84.2946539"},{"full_name":"Fredeic (Ric) Carter","gyear":"1972","major":"Data Processing","city":"Jenison","state":"Michigan","country":"USA","note":"Worked in IT from 1972 into 2010. Retired 11\/2010, now living in Grand Rapids, MI area. Beginning to travel more and more. Retirement is wonderful!","lat":"42.907248","lng":"-85.7919784"},{"full_name":"Kenneth Luong","gyear":"1988","major":"Electrical Engineering","city":"Livonia","state":"Michigan","country":"USA","note":"Glad to be connected","lat":"42.36837","lng":"-83.3527097"},{"full_name":"Gina Wilson","gyear":"1999","major":"Chemical Engineering","city":"Ypsilanti","state":"Michigan","country":"USA","note":"I transitioned to education in 2003 and currently teach at a public county-wide early middle college.","lat":"42.2411499","lng":"-83.6129939"},{"full_name":"Chris Wilson","gyear":"1997","major":"Chemical Engineering","city":"Ypsilanti","state":"Michigan","country":"USA","note":"I have worked in waste water, controls, engineering, and now power generation.","lat":"42.2411499","lng":"-83.6129939"},{"full_name":"Dan Beebe","gyear":"1979","major":"Social Sciences","city":"Kansas City","state":"Missouri","country":"USA","note":"Captain of the Cal Poly Pomona Football team in the late 1970's. Served as the commissioner of the Big 12 and Ohio Valley conferences and as NCAA director of enforcement.","lat":"39.0997265","lng":"-94.5785667"},{"full_name":"Natalie Goldberg","gyear":"1983","major":"Horticulture","city":"Las Cruces","state":"New Mexico","country":"USA","note":"Natalie Goldberg is first woman to lead NMSU Agricultural Experiment Station. Currently serving as the interim Associate Dean and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station at New Mexico State University. |","lat":"32.3199","lng":"-106.7637"},{"full_name":"Katha Cato","gyear":"1981","major":"Dram Cred","city":"Jackson Heights","state":"New York","country":"USA","note":"We are in our 8th year, going strong and everyday I am reminded of the opportunities I had as a young college student while at Cal Poly Pomona. We host multiple college students every semester as interns and relish the opportunity to instill all of the values I learned those long ago years at the Cal Poly Theater under the guidance of Dr. Bob Gilbert. With the help of those interns, our programs were able to serve 250 young students in the NYC public school system, providing them with the opportunity to tell their stories through the moving image.","lat":"40.7556818","lng":"-73.8830701"},{"full_name":"Sera Barnard","gyear":"2010","major":"Graphic Design","city":"New York","state":"New York","country":"USA","note":"I have had great success in finding design work in the competitive market of New York City. Ranging from design in hospitality to nonprofit.","lat":"40.7127837","lng":"-74.0059413"},{"full_name":"Toni DeVol","gyear":"2012","major":"Hospitality Management","city":"New York","state":"New York","country":"USA","note":"When Covid-19 hit, my job was to provide support to the hospitals clinical staff. When I attended the Collins College of Hospitality Management, I was taught a certain level of grace under pressure and the ability to smile through tough moments while providing reassurance that things will be okay. This was a skill I never imagined I would use on such an intense level. My hospitality degree laid a strong foundation for my public health degree and during the height of the pandemic, it was my hospitality skills that provided me a light to follow when I wasn't sure how to approach a situation.","lat":"40.7127837","lng":"-74.0059413"},{"full_name":"Kenny Chung","gyear":"2010","major":"Computer Science","city":"New York City","state":"New York","country":"USA","note":"Co-founded of AgriTech company called \"N.thing\" to develop autopilot farm system which is expected to allow farmers to grow greens in fully insulated indoor operations in areas with high aridity. I highly appreciate the education provided by Cal Poly Pomona and I was influenced by CPP's agriculture department while pursuing my degree in Computer Science. After founding AgriTech company, I am now working as a consultant for the United Nations, office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs since 2014.","lat":"40.7127837","lng":"-74.0059413"},{"full_name":"Jun Ha Hwang","gyear":"2005","major":"Finance, Real Estate, & Law","city":"Saratoga","state":"New York","country":"USA","note":"Began career after graduating Cal Poly Pomona with Cintas Corporation as a Management trainee in 2005. worked my way through as an office clerk, plant supervisor, warehouse manager, service manager, operations manager, and now an operations director for Cintas China. We are expanding our operations to China as the next global market in uniform apparel as the North American market is now saturated. Email if the story interests you and I can provide further details.\r|","lat":"37.2638324","lng":"-122.0230146"},{"full_name":"Mike Abbate","gyear":"1985","major":"Landscape Architecture","city":"Portland","state":"Oregon","country":"USA","note":"My Landscape Architecture degree from the College of Environmental Design (BSLA 1985) prepared me to follow a series of career paths I never could have imagined. Private sector design firms, federal employment, co-founder of a large design firm and now leading one of the best Parks & Recreation agencies in the US, I am continually reminded that a strong original idea (in school, we called them \"concepts\") is still the biggest prerequisite for solving an intractable problem. Big idea thinking was instilled in me those many years ago, thanks to the amazing faculty at Cal Poly Pomona!","lat":"45.5230622","lng":"-122.6764816"},{"full_name":"Sarah Dumlao","gyear":"2014","major":"Apparel Merchandising & Management","city":"Portland","state":"Oregon","country":"USA","note":"The Apparel Merchandising program at Cal Poly Pomona fully prepared me to start my career in the highly competitive apparel industry. As the first person in my family to graduate from a four-year university, I came to CPP as a transfer student and was fully immersed into the world of apparel. The program allowed me to understand the complex industry from start to finish; meaning I gained experience with textiles all the way through to learning about international business and global economies. Through hands on education and 'Learn by Doing' approach, I have been able to successfully compete with job candidates and land dream jobs post-graduation. I currently reside in Portland, Oregon working for one of the top apparel companies in the world. I'm looking forward to watching the product I helped create (Track and Field athlete uniforms) at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics (now 2021). I would not be where I am today without Cal Poly Pomona. Go Broncos!","lat":"45.5230622","lng":"-122.6764816"},{"full_name":"Bill Guy","gyear":"1972","major":"Electrical & Electronics Engineering","city":"Redmond","state":"Oregon","country":"USA","note":"Following my graduation in 1972 I started my 42 year Engineering Career at Pacific Power & Light Company moving through 3 different departments, received my PE from Oregon State in 1976 and later moved to a small industrial consulting firm (SJO) Portland, OR. as their Chief Electrical Engineer.","lat":"44.2726203","lng":"-121.1739212"},{"full_name":"William Guy","gyear":"1972","major":"Electrical & Electronics Engr","city":"Redmond","state":"Oregon","country":"USA","note":"Working occasionally for DEI as a Principal Electrical Engineer. Presently working on a project for LIGO at the Hanford Site.","lat":"44.2726203","lng":"-121.1739212"},{"full_name":"Robert Bunker","gyear":"1985","major":"Hist, Ant\/Geo, Soc Sci, Beh Sci","city":"Carlisle","state":"Pennsylvania","country":"USA","note":"Recently finished a two year appointment as a Distinguished Visiting Professor and Minerva Chair with the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, Carlisle, PA.","lat":"40.2025","lng":"-77.195"},{"full_name":"Lisa Coder","gyear":"2008","major":"Agriculture","city":"Harrisburg","state":"Pennsylvania","country":"USA","note":"CPP was essential in preparing me for veterinary school and has an awesome graduate program!","lat":"43.4313663","lng":"-96.69727"},{"full_name":"Trent Jaeger","gyear":"1985","major":"Chemical Engineering","city":"University Park","state":"Pennsylvania","country":"USA","note":"Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Penn State University, specializing in operating system and computer security research","lat":"40.796111","lng":"-77.862778"},{"full_name":"Jennifer Krauel","gyear":"1982","major":"CIS","city":"Brookings","state":"South Dakota","country":"USA","note":"After a career at HP and Oracle, I went back to school and recently completed a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee. My next project will be a study of migratory patterns in endangered Indiana bats.","lat":"44.3113573","lng":"-96.7983877"},{"full_name":"Cynthia Johnson","gyear":"2010","major":"Behavioral Sciences","city":"Houston","state":"Texas","country":"USA","note":"I went on to complete a Masters in Education in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics and Assessment from University of Illinois, Chicago I am now the Director of Assessment and Accreditation Services at the University of Houston, College of Pharmacy.","lat":"29.7601927","lng":"-95.3693896"},{"full_name":"Rick Valstar","gyear":"1985","major":"Computer Science","city":"Houston","state":"Texas","country":"USA","note":"Blessed by the education. Came out well before dot COM. Went to work in energy. Been all over the world experiencing new cultures and living well. Work hard in scientific and engineering disciplines. Differentiate yourself. You will always be employed.","lat":"29.7601927","lng":"-95.3693896"},{"full_name":"Ted Pate","gyear":"1967","major":"Animal Science","city":"Houston","state":"Texas","country":"USA","note":"After Cal Poly Pomona, I received an M.S. in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and then a Ph.D. in Physiology from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. I have been teaching at the UT Houston School of Dentistry since 1973.","lat":"29.7601927","lng":"-95.3693896"},{"full_name":"Julie Parra","gyear":"2006","major":"Geology","city":"Houston","state":"Texas","country":"USA","note":"SEM Lab Lead","lat":"29.7601927","lng":"-95.3693896"},{"full_name":"Robert Jones","gyear":"2005","major":"Integrated Earth Studies","city":"Houston","state":"Texas","country":"USA","note":"I utilize my broad environmental science experience to minimize the hospital`s liability and risk by managing compliance, establishing best practices, training staff and contractors, and ensuring the documentation of activities for federal compliance reporting. In addition, I provide technical support for environmental and safety programs, including: air emission, permit required for confined spaces, petroleum storage tanks (PSTs), indoor air quality (IAQ), fall protection and OSHA accident investigations.","lat":"29.7601927","lng":"-95.3693896"},{"full_name":"Andrew Renshaw","gyear":"2008","major":"Physics","city":"Houston","state":"Texas","country":"USA","note":"Professor of Physics at University of Houston, working on research for the direct detection of dark matter, as well as enhanced neutrino astrophysics and multi-messanger astronomy.","lat":"29.7601927","lng":"-95.3693896"},{"full_name":"Jake Aalfs","gyear":"2011","major":"Landscape Architecture","city":"San Antonio","state":"Texas","country":"USA","note":"Undergrad in Electical Engineering and Master of Landscape Architecture.","lat":"29.4241219","lng":"-98.4936282"},{"full_name":"Robert Herbage","gyear":"1982","major":"Architecture","city":"San Antonio","state":"Texas","country":"USA","note":"Principal and founder of a full service design firm that specializes in Restaurant Design since 1984.","lat":"29.4241219","lng":"-98.4936282"},{"full_name":"Steven Harman","gyear":"2009","major":"Mechanical Engineering","city":"Everett","state":"Washington","country":"USA","note":"After attending Cal Poly for my BSME with an undergraduate focus on machine design, I worked as a design engineer doing work in product prototyping and aerospace. I am currently working Research and Development for the new 777X commercial airplane program at Boeing in the Seattle area. Attending the exceptional Mechanical Engineering program at Cal Poly has been instrumental at my success as a career engineer.","lat":"47.9789848","lng":"-122.2020794"},{"full_name":"Melanie Curtice","gyear":"1991","major":"Political Science","city":"Seattle","state":"Washington","country":"USA","note":"Joined Perkins Coie's Seattle Office Tax Benefits and Compensation group as a partner where she counsels employers on the legal issues associated with the health and welfare benefit arrangements for their employees.","lat":"47.6062095","lng":"-122.3320708"},{"full_name":"Kunal Muchhala","gyear":"2009","major":"Electrical and Computer Engineering","city":"Seattle","state":"Washington","country":"USA","note":"Following graduation from Cal Poly Pomona, I attended graduate school at Georgia Institute of Technology. I majored in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on Control Systems and Robotics, an area for which I had acquired a strong passion during my junior and senior years at Cal Poly Pomona. After graduate school, I started working full time for a local start-up in Atlanta, in the enterprise mobility and digital productivity space. The start-up was soon acquired by VMware, and I transitioned from a operations role to Product Management. After 9 years in Atlanta, I recently moved to Seattle to further my career in Product Management at Amazon Web Services. My undergraduate degree from Cal Poly Pomona has significantly contributed to my successful career path in software so far.","lat":"47.6062095","lng":"-122.3320708"},{"full_name":"Agustin Ortiz","gyear":"2012","major":"Anthropology","city":"Washington Navy Yard","state":"Washington, D.C.","country":"USA","note":"After receiving my masters degree in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southern Denmark recently, I am currently an Underwater archaeologist for the U.S. Navy. The hands-on approach of Cal Poly has allowed me to take advantage of opportunities to work on diverse projects around Northern Europe and now I get to bring that experience back to the U.S. and share it with students interested in pursuing a career in submerged cultural resources.","lat":"38.8746334","lng":"-76.9945473"}]